Three Hour Zen

Three Hour Zen 

 Three Hour Zen<–Want to Hear it?

It took three hours in to clear my mind.
Living in a small town had me going blind.
Looking in the hind sight might be alright.
If I could figure out the future
For my family I fight
Nobody can stop me cause I rock with the top
I clean the table for my mom and I work with my pop
I hang with my sis and I scheme with my bro
Now, what’s up world do you gotta good way to go
I did a dirty deed back in 1995.
Now surviving is my life and a pen is my knife
I’m looking for a wife; I’m in career mode
I still go to church the Lord carries my load
I meet the kind of people that are on the right road
And, when I build up my balance, the witness I bear’s bold.
The medal that I’m working for ain’t nothing but gold
But I’ll settle for silver with God in control
Cause I’ve been around the block and it’s taken it’s toll
I know too many people trying to fill that hole with roll and that’s old.

Until next time…

Rich Por


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