Unfinished Dream


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I saw the semi a split second too late.

The explosion was enormous and it sealed my fate.

There was some sort of mix up and I had to wait.

I was free to really roam before I entered the gates.

I saw the serendipitous, seasonal scenes.

The leaves falling feather-like, trickling streams.

The sun shining summertime in boisterous beams.

Winter was a wonderland while dancing in dreams.

I heard monks mumbling mantras, they may say prayers.

Blue hair, pierced everywhere, just so you’ll stare.

I saw tycoons and baboons with their confident air.

Little old ladies loving little ones though their cupboard was bare.

I saw these things and I thought of my own life through the years.

I thought of family and friends and I shed a few tears.

As I re-approached the gates I thought, “I guess I’m glad to be here”.

It was like a coaster ride, I heard the shifting of gears.

I was helpless to control it; I had no way to steer.

Then the only thing that could’ve, happened to fill me with fear.

The bottom fell out and I bounced between clouds.

It was down and then down more; the swoosh sound was loud.

If this was my purgatorial path, I was not proud.

What made it worse was the converse converse of the crowd.

The people at my wake to make sure I was put in the ground.

Paying respects while heckling, Dr. Jeckyll like sounds.

But Hyde died, not Jeckyll; we can thank God of that

And all my animosities, while I stood, sat

I finally realized who I was to be

I suppose those who know would say that is the key

My drop stopped with one final screech

I was shown my tombstone, an inch out of reach

I heard an ominous voice speak directly to me

He said, “Wake, take this and go tell what you’ve seen.”

And somehow, now, from me there’s a beam.

I live in and give from my unfinished dream.


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