FEW Have Intestinal Fortitude

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Intestinal fortitude…do you have it or no?

I’m not sure if I can see it in your eyes.

What you do in your own time, is for you to know.

When you get here, there’s no room for lies.

There’s no room for lazy. There’s no room for excuses.

You will work hard or get the hell out!

Damn it, I don’t cuss but this is a must.

We build trust by breaking all doubt!

I shout so you’ll listen. One mission, one cause.

We get up one more time than we fall.

We do what we have to and they may laugh too

But in time they’ll still be where they’re at

We need game faces, but this is no game.

This is life and I’m fed up with shame.

Right now there’s a line drawn in the sand.

You will stand on one of two sides.

Let me make myself clear, there’s the FEW over here

Over there…there’s all kinds of crap.

Then a GHAP in between that to some is unseen.

God Has A Plan with a Map.

Now choose. Be a winner as one of the FEW.

Or continue with booze, screws and lose.


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