Vice Upon Vice

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Vice Upon Vice
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Where does it all end?..This vice upon vice?
Addictions galore, I’m jealous of life.
Just simple it seems is impossible.
I slave away when I work just to get back to the norm.
I spend all my money on everything except bills.
Then start again at the bottom of mountainous hills.
I starve myself often, then eat on a binge.
My emotions extreme like a door on a hinge.
I am open then closed, highs precede lows.
No in between seen I feign to follow
This itch in my head will it end before dead?
Can I get out of bed before noon? Do I need meds?
Can I go to sleep before five? Will I survive?
I don’t feel alive, I feel far from that now.
I scream at the top of my lungs, “I will not allow!
This to take me apart!”, but where do I start
I’m busted, I trusted my barely beating heart.
To lead me to you, then what did you do?
You left me to pull myself up once again.
Then I did and I hid and I stopped drinking gin.
I thought about where I’d been.
I marked paper with pen.
I asked forgiveness from sins.
Then, I went right back to everything.
It felt hollow to sing.
I had fling after fling.
I was tempted to swing just to numb out the sting.
Now peace.
I’m steady for now…increase
One question, one answer.
Where does it all end, this vice upon vice?
Can I lay down my addictions and begin to live life?


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  1. 1 kissandblog January 31, 2010 at 10:34 am

    Thanks for that comment from oh so long ago!!! 🙂

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