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FEW Have Intestinal Fortitude

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Intestinal fortitude…do you have it or no?

I’m not sure if I can see it in your eyes.

What you do in your own time, is for you to know.

When you get here, there’s no room for lies.

There’s no room for lazy. There’s no room for excuses.

You will work hard or get the hell out!

Damn it, I don’t cuss but this is a must.

We build trust by breaking all doubt!

I shout so you’ll listen. One mission, one cause.

We get up one more time than we fall.

We do what we have to and they may laugh too

But in time they’ll still be where they’re at

We need game faces, but this is no game.

This is life and I’m fed up with shame.

Right now there’s a line drawn in the sand.

You will stand on one of two sides.

Let me make myself clear, there’s the FEW over here

Over there…there’s all kinds of crap.

Then a GHAP in between that to some is unseen.

God Has A Plan with a Map.

Now choose. Be a winner as one of the FEW.

Or continue with booze, screws and lose.


Vice Upon Vice

Vice Upon Vice<–Click here to listen

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Vice Upon Vice
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Where does it all end?..This vice upon vice?
Addictions galore, I’m jealous of life.
Just simple it seems is impossible.
I slave away when I work just to get back to the norm.
I spend all my money on everything except bills.
Then start again at the bottom of mountainous hills.
I starve myself often, then eat on a binge.
My emotions extreme like a door on a hinge.
I am open then closed, highs precede lows.
No in between seen I feign to follow
This itch in my head will it end before dead?
Can I get out of bed before noon? Do I need meds?
Can I go to sleep before five? Will I survive?
I don’t feel alive, I feel far from that now.
I scream at the top of my lungs, “I will not allow!
This to take me apart!”, but where do I start
I’m busted, I trusted my barely beating heart.
To lead me to you, then what did you do?
You left me to pull myself up once again.
Then I did and I hid and I stopped drinking gin.
I thought about where I’d been.
I marked paper with pen.
I asked forgiveness from sins.
Then, I went right back to everything.
It felt hollow to sing.
I had fling after fling.
I was tempted to swing just to numb out the sting.
Now peace.
I’m steady for now…increase
One question, one answer.
Where does it all end, this vice upon vice?
Can I lay down my addictions and begin to live life?

Shuddered at Sounds

shudderedatsoundsmp3 <~~Click this link to listen

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All alone in a crowd, she’d been here before.

She shuddered at sounds in her head.

She lifted a wine glass to her lips once more.

She thought of the last words he’d said.

“I love you”, cliche, but he’d repeated it so.

She shuddered at sounds in her head.

Though she’d moved on, she would know.

She thought of the last words he’d said.

The phrase remained in her mind.

For always, she would long to rewind.

She shuddered at sounds in her head.

She thought of the last words he’d said.

“I love you.” and then he was dead.

Unfinished Dream


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I saw the semi a split second too late.

The explosion was enormous and it sealed my fate.

There was some sort of mix up and I had to wait.

I was free to really roam before I entered the gates.

I saw the serendipitous, seasonal scenes.

The leaves falling feather-like, trickling streams.

The sun shining summertime in boisterous beams.

Winter was a wonderland while dancing in dreams.

I heard monks mumbling mantras, they may say prayers.

Blue hair, pierced everywhere, just so you’ll stare.

I saw tycoons and baboons with their confident air.

Little old ladies loving little ones though their cupboard was bare.

I saw these things and I thought of my own life through the years.

I thought of family and friends and I shed a few tears.

As I re-approached the gates I thought, “I guess I’m glad to be here”.

It was like a coaster ride, I heard the shifting of gears.

I was helpless to control it; I had no way to steer.

Then the only thing that could’ve, happened to fill me with fear.

The bottom fell out and I bounced between clouds.

It was down and then down more; the swoosh sound was loud.

If this was my purgatorial path, I was not proud.

What made it worse was the converse converse of the crowd.

The people at my wake to make sure I was put in the ground.

Paying respects while heckling, Dr. Jeckyll like sounds.

But Hyde died, not Jeckyll; we can thank God of that

And all my animosities, while I stood, sat

I finally realized who I was to be

I suppose those who know would say that is the key

My drop stopped with one final screech

I was shown my tombstone, an inch out of reach

I heard an ominous voice speak directly to me

He said, “Wake, take this and go tell what you’ve seen.”

And somehow, now, from me there’s a beam.

I live in and give from my unfinished dream.

good with words

good with words

good with words<–Want to Hear it?

You know that I’m good with words right?
Well, this feeling is so deep in my heart
That when I try to tell you how deeply I care
I have no clue where to start
It’s the way that you’re all about me
As I am all about you.
It’s the way that we do for each other
Just because we want to.
It’s the way they tried to keep us apart
But no matter how hard they tried
We knew through dreams and subconscious things
That dreams had our souls tied
How we lied to our hearts, but our hearts wouldn’t lie
We cried when we tried it apart
One little way to describe this vibe…
It’s some sort of magical art
I’m thinking, “How Great Thou Art”
GRAND, like the powerful part
I want to be gentle, because I know that we’re dealing
With delicate things at this point
Untangling the thread that binds us together
Like tendons to bones at the joint
I want to go slow cause I know that our future truly depends
On how we proceed and that we need
To preserve this thread at the ends
Where we have tied knots in certain spots
With lots of good people involved
They deserve the best of our nerve as they served
To help us evolve
I want to be strong, hold you in my arms
I want you to feel peace when you rest
Your warmth when you’re cold
Your youth when we’re old
Simply give you my best.

For now I’ll save the rest
Be quiet; we’re taking a test
The birds are building a nest
While “we wonder which way”, quo the quest.

Until next time…

Rich Por

Three Hour Zen

Three Hour Zen 

 Three Hour Zen<–Want to Hear it?

It took three hours in to clear my mind.
Living in a small town had me going blind.
Looking in the hind sight might be alright.
If I could figure out the future
For my family I fight
Nobody can stop me cause I rock with the top
I clean the table for my mom and I work with my pop
I hang with my sis and I scheme with my bro
Now, what’s up world do you gotta good way to go
I did a dirty deed back in 1995.
Now surviving is my life and a pen is my knife
I’m looking for a wife; I’m in career mode
I still go to church the Lord carries my load
I meet the kind of people that are on the right road
And, when I build up my balance, the witness I bear’s bold.
The medal that I’m working for ain’t nothing but gold
But I’ll settle for silver with God in control
Cause I’ve been around the block and it’s taken it’s toll
I know too many people trying to fill that hole with roll and that’s old.

Until next time…

Rich Por

Tranquility, Success, Love, Joy, Good Fortune

Tranquility, Success, Love, Joy, Good Fortune

Tranquility, Success, Love, Joy, Good Fortune<–Want to Hear it?
Tranquility trails when I walk away.
Silence speaks when I’ve talked all day.
Success is certain when I just don’t quit.
I keep in mind…what I give, I get.
Love is something that I don’t understand.
I’ve tried it twice; I have no wedding band.
Joy is just a day with my kids.
I’m loveable ladies, put in your bids.
Good fortune finds me.
I keep it in line
Accountable actions and I’ll do just fine.

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