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 JKLM<–Want to Hear it?

She said she doesn’t feel the same anymore

Neither do I

I can’t feel my heart, I can’t even cry.

I can’t even see the long term plans

My dreams

I can only see a glimmer of hope in the eyes

Of the children I father,

When the fleeting moment arrives.

You see the world is a mess.

I have love in my heart.

But because I’m a man I am torn apart.

Justice is not served by taking away

The only two people in the world

That keep me alive.

Try as they may, others can’t come to task.

They can’t fill the void, not even as much as the flask.

My children, My God!

Why hast Thou…oh

It’s just another attempt to make me go slow.


When we’re numb.

When we’re numb.

When we’re numb.<–Want to Hear it?

You’ve multiple layers of shell

I may never break through

I don’t even know you

You seem to have changed right before my eyes

Influence runs deep doesn’t it?

Don’t cry…as if it matters that much.

Touch means what?

When we’re numb.

I Am Locking Doors

I Am Locking Doors

I Am Locking Doors<–Want to Hear it? 

I apologize to the people who waited on me

To break out of the need.

Will I see that I was affected, I was rejected.

But by one of FEW I hold dear to my heart

It wasn’t her leaving as much as her making a new start.

In life, in love…we were broken apart.

So, I can see how a brand new channel is appealing.

Refreshing, breath-taking, even revealing.

It does hurt, I do cry, I do ask why.

I was skipped over straight from one to a new guy.

I never got to build on a foundation I know’s there

We can move on and I’ll still know that we do care.

She’ll still think of me and my stupid rhymes.

I’ll still think of her most all of the time.

We will push most memories to the back of our mind.

And we’re blessed now with more than just a thread that binds.

That thread, though, is still there and it still is tangled.

No more knots…for me…to breathe before I am strangled.

This release will continue until I am well.

I won’t find solace in love, just my story to tell.

The ears that have heard may hear again.

New ears will hear and until then.

Think as you will or, of me, don’t think at all.

I am locking doors and I am screening calls.

Murder in More Ways Than One

Murder in More Ways Than One

Murder in More Ways Than One<–Want to Hear it? 

The story gets wilder, we can start with the child

An innocent baby girl with a beautiful smile.

Her mother and I met 15 years before

She arrived in a mess of emotion for sure

When she found out she was pregnant and decided to leave

She slept with her husband as a way to grieve.

I slept with a girl from the bar to relieve

The stress that lingered there is no reprieve.

So she said that she didn’t feel the same anymore

She closed off the emotion that we shared before

I was asked to leave before birth

For the longest, she down played

My over-all worth

Now, recently she called to break my heart

“If we can’t be together, we should be apart”

It took a bit, I may not yet be fully recovered

But I’ll be damned at what today I discovered

I can’t say what I think I might do should he hurt her

At present, her mother dates a man accused of murder.

In Case You Were Considering…

In Case You Were Considering…

In Case You Were Considering…<–Want to Hear it?

In case you were considering calling…

I’m falling for another girl.

I’m living in a different world.

The gold and the diamonds with the mother/ baby charm

Keep it…I mean no harm.

Maybe a tat on my left arm.

To replace the ring that I thought I’d buy.

When the knot was finally tied.

You and I, what a lie.

If the tears weren’t gone I’d cry.

If it weren’t for naught, I’d try.


I wish to God that it weren’t this way.

But, I can make it from day to day.

Probably in more than one way.

Terrified angry sway

Part of you will always stay.

The best of me walking a straight line.

Mine by design but today I resign

In case you were considering calling, don’t I’ll be fine.

To Remain

To Remain

To Remain<–Want to Hear it? 

I look deep, see my reflection

My own, for this inspection

No one else, only God can judge me,

One prayer, “God please don’t begrudge me.”

I live by design, right?

Why is it that night seems to shine so bright?

I might be calm and collected

Safe and secure soundly protected

Frayed from the Nots

Afraid of the plot that plays out

In my mind when I define the line

That I despise, my spirit cries

To defy the daily grind

That I find so…completely unappealing

Revealing a common thread

That spreads amongst the gifted

Lifted to a new plain

To remain and arrive again.

Mainly to remain.

The Test by Which Many, Many Fail

The Test by Which Many, Many Fail

The Test by Which Many, Many Fail<–Want to Hear it?

Will I overcome the fantom forces that are bound and determined to overcome my will to do just that?

They volunteer information.

They cannot keep my name from their lips.

I silently ponder the retribution that I will never let myself find solace in.

I need not the spells and omens that some find appealing.

My words become truth. I am a prophet.

I wake up sleeping giants and beckon them to follow me into this tundra of shambles known to me as life.

I stare into night through rain and watch the wind carry smoke to the heavens.

Mumbling blessings on the ones that dare to combat me.

They will need these.

Not for things I will do, but for these things that will befall the ones that hold malice for…who I am.

I dance a million jigs and twist and turn to melodies that sirens sing to kings and queens.

I, one bystander smiling an enchanting smile.

While piles of wreckage begin to form just off the path that I trod.

My words and world are one.

My dreams it seems surround me.

I become mum as tenticles try to pull me into their grip.

I slip through. Do you?

Try to rise above the level you are on, because that level is for naught.

It is a test by which many, many fail.

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